This website is about the hospital crisis and how to get your loved one out of the hospital alive. How to circumvent the nursing shortage. Critical Conditions website reveals crisis in hospitals, doctor shortage, nursing shortage. Promotes health care advocacy, hospital care, patient rights. How to choose your hospital, your doctor. Resources are Joint Commission, Institute of Medicine.
Critical Conditions shows you how to be a loved one's advocate. Learn to be a patient advocate. Learn to prevent medical errors, medication mistakes, the spread of hospital-acquired infectious diseases, fatal falls. Reach the doctors every time. Interact with nurses to maximize patient care. Navigate the hospital with confidence. How to survive a hospital stay. Martine Ehrenclou wrote a book about healthcare, health in the hospital. Hospital patients are at risk. Hospitalized patients need patient advocates to prevent medication errors, patient name mistakes, surgery on the wrong body part, surgery on the wrong patient, MRSA, staph infections, pneumonia. Promote patient safety.

Articles written by Martine Ehrenclou, MA:

Think you can be a patient in the hospital without an advocate? Think Again.

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Older Patients Are At Risk in the Hospital. How To Be An Advocate for Your Parent, Grandparent, Spouse or Other Older Loved One


Martine Ehrenclou is an author and patient advocate. Promotes patient safety and patient care in hospitals.


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